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About Nuvote

Who are we?

As local contractor in New Orleans, Nuvote LLC contributed to rebuilding homes for the local community after hurricane Katrina. We excelled at dealing with insurance companies, city officials, and local sub-contractors; so much so that we were referred to residential and commercial investors/portfolio.

To meet the demand of our services, we relocated to Atlanta in 2014. As a more central location, we were able to grow the company even further. To meet the changing demands of our clients, we quickly became the go-to company for all home renovation needs. Due to our vast client network, ranging from home owners to institutional investors, we've been able to complete thousands of projects ranging from full mold/flood remediation to simple interior upgrades.

Why Nuvote?

Communication, costumer service and craftsmanship are the foundation of our company. Utilizing these three tenants with our suppliers, crews, and clients, we have forged decades long business relationships. Over time, we naturally began to have a competitive edge not just in the labor market, but with our suppliers as well.

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Residential Renovations

Nuvote LLC is a General Contacting and construction project management company that has worked in all aspects of the residential home industry. As the experts in the field, we have worked diligently with home owners to become their partners in building their dream home to reality.

Working with different clients have provided us unique opportunities to learn from each. With large scale investors, we have become very competitive in pricing. Working with real estate agents, we have become detail oriented and punctual for our clients. Home owner renovations have taught us to be design oriented to understand current housing trends.

As the age old saying goes, "Measure twice, cut once". We abide by that rule even when planning renovations. Our field managers will provide a free assessment on-site, provide tips for design ideas and lead the project to execute the goal. We'll keep you updated on the timelines and keep to a strict schedule.

Commercial Construction

Excelling in the residential field, we have decided to take our Project Management skills to the next level. The next obvious step is working in the commercial construction industry. Having previously worked in large scale strip mall renovations and apartment complex renovations after Katrina, we have no issues stepping back into this field.

Through the networking of our residential construction field, we have become close knit partners with several commercial grade sub-traders in all fields across the greater Atlanta area.

We will work to service all of our clients needs; everything from bringing competitive bid to closing projects on time.

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